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Madison HubSpot User Group Event Follow-Up: 2018 HubSpot Updates and How to Use Them

Posted by Katie Cartwright

Sep 28, 2018 3:13:43 PM

We had a great turnout for our recent HUG event to discuss recent HubSpot updates. Thanks to those who attended! For those who missed out, we've pointed you toward some resources you can use to get a deeper understanding of the whys and hows of new HubSpot features, tools, and strategies.

Before you jump in, we’ve already scheduled our next event and would love to see you on December 4th at the Great Dane in Fitchburg to discuss KPIs and reporting. Registration is open - click here to register.



HubSpot’s New Flywheel Based Marketing Approach


Supporting the Flywheel: New Services, Tools, and Products, and Strategies


Conversational Marketing and Conversations Inbox

Service Hub


Custom Reporting

Content Optimization

General HubSpot Updates


If you have additional questions or want to talk through any ideas or strategies, feel free to reach out to us at And, don’t forget to register for our next event on December 4th, 2018.